1970 Model or Newer

  • Maximum 15 year term

1969 Model or Older and LESS than $47,000 (valuation or price)

  • Intermediate Term

1969 Model or Older and MORE than $47,000 (valuation and price)

  • Maximum 15 year term

Agriculture Planes

  • 80% of value or price, whichever is lower

  • Maximum 7 year term

  • We do not loan on start-up spraying operations.

Please call us at (800) 462-7032 for a current rate quote.

All loans have a document preparation fee, wire fee, FAA filing fee, credit check, overnight mail fee, payment book fee, and title search fee.

Equity Requirements

Single Engine

 Aircraft Value $0 - $47,000

  • Loan up to 80% of the value or price, whichever is lower.

 Aircraft Value - >$47,000

  • Loan up to 85% of the value or price, whichever is lower.

We do not loan on twin engine aircraft, warbirds, some aircraft placed on leaseback, homebuilt and light sport, helicopters, antiques, wood-wings, most cloth-covered aircraft, leasebacks, flight schools, jets, Part 135 or other commercial operations, or on any aircraft based and operated outside the continental U.S.

We will finance an aircraft used for training purposes so long as the aircraft is used for training by the borrower only.


  • Approved Credit
  • Copies of previous two years income tax returns with Business Schedules
  • Airplane Specification Sheet
  • Title Search
  • Photos of interior, panel, and exterior of aircraft
  • Copies of all log books (not required for approval, but must be obtained before loan is funded)
  • Hull insurance with breach of warranty or lender’s interest endorsement
  • Pre-purchase inspection upon request
  • Copy of Pilot’s License and Driver’s License/Gov’t Issued Photo ID Card

Aircraft Evaluations

Fax your plane’s specifications sheet to (918) 825-0519 or email us at aircraft@firstpryority.comand we will contact you with our best estimate of the retail value. If you prefer, give us a call at (800)462-7032 and we will take the information by phone. Be sure to include damage history, whether it has complete logs, interior or exterior condition, times and avionics list. Also, be sure to give us your contact information (phone number, fax number or email address).

Aircraft Lending

Please DO NOT transmit any confidential or sensitive personal information through this link.

Whether you plan to purchase a new or used airplane, and whether it’s for business or personal use, we can help. We have been in the Aircraft Lending business for more than 25 years. Let us help you get off the ground!

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